About Us

Discovery Preschool is a play-based Co-Operative preschool which offers children the opportunity to learn, grow and develop in an appropriate and safe environment.

Started in 2006

Discovery Preschool was created in 2006 by a group of dedicated parents in the Hugh Cairns neighbourhood who saw the need for a preschool in their community, and who wanted their children to learn based on the fundamental belief that children learn best through play and exploration.

A welcoming and safe environment to grow and learn

We endeavour to create an atmosphere of imagination, curiosity, opportunity, and cheerful stimulation through play, active learning, new experiences, and excursions. Our environment is safe and serene – the perfect place for children to discover and enrich their own uniqueness.

Discovering the world around them

We strive to enhance the social, emotional, intellectual, and physical development of our children through exploration and the development of a love of nature.

Preparing our children

Discovery Preschool provides an introduction to a school-like setting, and prepares children for the social aspects of Kindergarten, helping them to learn and follow routines, and build their confidence so they will attempt new things.


All children are welcome at Discovery Preschool.  Our preschool was founded based on a sense of community and parental involvement that starts in the classroom and extends to field trips and special days where families are invited to join us in the classroom for performances, family crafts, and of course, playing.

We strive to help our children develop a sense of their role in the community and to initiate friendships through social interactions. We are part of the Hugh Cairns school community through our care-partner program and our participation in school activities including assemblies and school-wide dress-up days. We provide opportunities for fundraising so our children have access to amazing field trips as well as excellent, developmentally appropriate toys and a clean environment.

We celebrate our community by recognizing holidays such as Christmas, Easter, Halloween, and birthdays. We encourage diversity and we welcome your ideas and suggestions to learn about, and celebrate other traditions and holidays!

Open and transparent communication

We believe the best teaching environment is one in which there is open and transparent communication among the teacher, the board, and our Discovery Preschool families.

What does it mean to be Co-operative

It means that you, the parents, are integral to the success of the preschool. We have parent volunteers on a daily basis in the classroom and on field trips, as well as parent volunteers for taking care of the classroom, including washing toys/clothes, making play-dough, and bringing snacks for special occasions. Fundraising also plays a large roll in the continued operation of Discovery Preschool and we encourage all families to participate!

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